Synopsis of the CBSE GB Meeting held on June 26, 2020 at 1100 Hrs.

1. The meeting was called at a very short notice.
2. The salient points which would be of interest to the CBSE Principals are being reproduced hereunder:
a. The CBSE has informed the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India that it doesn’t intend to conduct the CBSE Board Examinations scheduled for 1-15th July and the final decision of the Hon’ble Court is awaited.
b. The course material of the Board Exams 2021 is proposed to be reduced by Approx. 33% in consultation with the NCERT. Rationalization shall be done keeping connectivity in mind. Schools are free to rationalize the curriculum for 1-8th, on their own. The House was assured that this reduced curriculum for 9th-12th shall be released very shortly, and most probably, within this month itself.
c. Due to the uncertainty of the Board Exams 2021, reduced teaching time available due to the pandemic and for changed testing philosophy and other reasons as well, the CBSE is proposing to make Q/Papers for the Board Exams for 2021 consisting 50% Concept-based MCQs and 50% Theory questions. Details of which shall also be released shortly.
d. Regarding Internal Assessment Marking for Class 12, the Board shall be releasing the instructions very soon.
e. The results of the CBSE Board Exams are proposed to be declared by 15th July.
f. For any paper/answer Script lost in transit, the Average/Mean marks of 3 top subjects shall not be considered but the highest marks in the best of 3 subjects appeared in shall be considered.
g. A repository of CBSE Certificates and Documents on a Digi-locker for each child Class 9 upwards, is being prepared to facilitate Online verification.
h. To improve learning outcomes of children from the very early stages the CBSE plans to introduce, Hand Holding Diagnostic Testing for Conceptional Clarity in Classes 3, 5 and 8 every year. It is felt that this will improve the quality of teaching at the lower levels in all CBSE Schools.
i. After the success of the platform of the DIKSHA App a new SAMEEKSHA App for Teacher Training requirements, is being developed and introduced by the CBSE.
j. Unique Email IDs have been issued for each school and all correspondence with the Board would need to be done through this Email ID only.
k. Apart from making efforts to increase the participation of children in CBSE Sporting events many co-curricular activities and competitions are being planned and also modalities for competitions to declare Best Schools in Inclusive Education, Environment, Social Service and other aspects are to be announced shortly. Online applications shall be invited and a transparent and fair system of selection shall be developed.

l. Link for the full webinar is available on YouTube and can be accessed by this

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